Personalized Holiday Tales!

What’s a Personalized Holiday Tale?

The holidays are coming up and we want to offer you and the Taleblazer in your life something truly special. We are creating and recording holiday stories voiced by Girl Tales host, Rebecca, with full sound design just for the little one in your life. They’ll be just like the stories you hear on Girl Tales except they will be about your Taleblazer and will be just for you and your loved ones to listen to during the holiday season and for many holiday seasons to come.

How does it work?

There is a link to a Google Form below to fill out all the information we need for us to to create your holiday episode . Payment information is below. You’ll choose from these three pre-built reimagined tales:

The Night Before Christmas
1 child
by Tessa Flannery
A rhyming story about your child’s encounter with Santa on the night before Christmas!

A Very Special Snowflake
1 child
by Chad Chenail
A story about your child, the snowflake, and their journey from a cloud to the ground and all the things they learn about what it means to be unique along the way!

Silver Bells
1-3 children
by Rebecca Cunningham
A story about your your children’s adventure through New York City during the holiday season.

We’ll add your child’s name to the story you select to make it just about them. You will receive an .mp3 file of the episode will be e-mailed directly to you and you only. You are of course free to share this file with anyone you’d like. It will not be posted anywhere else and it will not be shared on the Girl Tales feed.

We will get the episodes out to you as soon as possible. All recorded stories will be sent between December 1st and December 22nd. If you need the story by a certain date within that timeframe, just let us know in the form below and we’ll do our absolute best to get that out to you. We will not be accepting orders after December 21st.

How much does it cost?

Each recorded story costs $50.00 .

A Very Special Snowflake & The Night Before Christmas are suitable for only one child. If you’d like to purchase one recorded story for multiple children, we recommend Silver Bells. If you’d like to purchase more than one story, please fill out the form twice and make two separate payments.

You will receive a link to make payment once the form is filled out in a pop up message. Please make sure to complete payment in order to receive your holiday tale!

Have questions?

I’m happy to help! Email me at