Adventures in Blugwander – A Birthday Story – 1 Kid

Adventures in Blugwander – A Birthday Story – 1 Kid


1 Kid
10 Minutes

  • Please allow for a 10 business day turnaround time.


  • How is the audio story personalized?
    We’ll add the child’s name, the names of family members (and pets), and their birthday!
  • What is the story?
    When a child goes to search for their birthday presents, they find a magical cardboard box that takes them to a whole new world called Blugwander. There, they meet Ransky, a delightful creature called a Snuffle. But their joy is interrupted when the Silver Snake appears, and they must hide inside the box to escape its clutches. With a narrow escape, the child returns home and realizes that this was a truly extraordinary birthday, thanks to a magical friend and an unforgettable adventure.
  • How does this work?
    You fill out the “Additional Info” section with the requested information and we’ll drop the details into our ready-made audio story. We’ll email you the .mp3 file and a special birthday letter made out to your child from Rebecca and the Girl Tales team when it’s ready.

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