Frankie the Snow Friend (2-3 Kids)

Frankie the Snow Friend (2-3 Kids)


2-3 Children
15 Minutes

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There is nothing quite like the first snowfall of the season. Some might even say it’s magical. And when a group of kids decides to make a snow friend with that very first snow of the season, they discover that magic for themselves! After adding a scarf from their town’s very peculiar shop owner Mr. Cuthbert, their snow person comes to life, and Frankie the Snow Friend is born. After a thrilling chase around their snowy town, our group of kids discovers it wasn’t the scarf that brought Frankie to life after all but the particular magic that the very first snowy day can bring. Frankie realizes they’ll become a regular snow friend the next day, but promises to visit this group of kids each year when the first snowfall comes.

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