Elisa and the Swans: Part 2 by Lea McKenna-Garcia

Elisa made a wish during an “Ill Wind” and now her brothers have turned into swans and have flown away from the palace! Will her need to find her brothers become greater than her fear of traveling through the Deep Dark Wood to get to them? Come listen to Part 2 of Elisa and the Swans and join Elisa on an adventure to save her brothers!

Tale by Lea McKenna Garcia
Adapted from The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen
Starring Sophie Hassett, Russell Jordan, Jessica Osber, and Claire Warden
Directed by Rebecca Cunningham
Sound Design by Maria Wurtelle
Technical Direction by Chad Chenail
Original Music by Eli Denby Wood


Little Girls Doing Big Things 002: Shalise of Shalise’s Ocean Support

Girl Tales segment, Little Girls Doing Big Things — Host Rebecca interviews young girls who are engaging in their communities, starting their own businesses or charities, and not waiting until they’re a grown-up to start making change and living out their dreams. This month we speak to Shalise of Shalise’s Ocean Support. Shalise is a brilliant 11 year old Aussie girl who is on a mission to save our beautiful oceans! Come get to know Shalise!