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Girl Tales Celebrates Hanukkah

A family-friendly Hanukkah event with the Girl Tales team!

Date: Sunday, December 5th at 1pm EST
Location: New Women Space 188 Woodpoint Ave Brooklyn NY
Price: $20 for kids 2 and older
$5 for grownups

The Girl Tales team is inviting you to come celebrate Hanukkah with us! We’ve got a ton of activities planned and all families are invited!

* Sit and color while listening to the Girl Tales Hanukkah story, Judah Maccabee! A musical for kids & families about the story of Hanukkah! Judah and her siblings fight back after their right to practice Judaism is taken away from them by King Antiochus.

* Get a holiday portrait with your family!

*Make your own candles for your menorah

* Play dreidel!

*Light the menorah and say the Hanukkah blessings with the Girl Tales team

We recommend this event for kids 4 and up. Everyone over the age of 12 will be required to show their vaccination cards at the door. And to protect anyone not old enough to get vaccinated yet, we’ll be asking everyone to wear a mask!

Listen to the tale in advance here.

**You must be 18 years or older to purchase a ticket.**

Any questions? Email

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