A Night in Akva Nova – An Adventure Story – 1 Kid

A Night in Akva Nova – An Adventure Story – 1 Kid


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  • How is the audio story personalized?
    We’ll add the child’s name, the names of family members (and pets), and the cape they wear in the story will be their favorite color!
  • What is the story?
    A child goes on an adventure to a magical land called Akva Nova. When nighttime disappears, it becomes the child’s mission to bring it back. But will they succeed before it’s daylight forever? Get ready for a journey filled with talking animals, enchanted forests, and a quest to save Akva Nova.
  • How does this work?
    You fill out the “Additional Info” section with the requested information and we’ll drop the details into our ready-made audio story. We’ll email you the .mp3 file and a special letter made out to your child from Rebecca and the Girl Tales team when it’s ready.


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