Hansel & Gretel (& Minna) by Jennifer Sassaman

Hansel & Gretel (& Minna) by Jennifer Sassaman

The story of a brother & sister left to fend for themselves in the dark and dangerous woods. It’s there that they find a witch who lures them into her house made of delicious foods and a talking bird named Minna who helps them defeat the witch! Based on the classic German tale collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Written by Jennifer Sassaman
Directed by Jennifer Sassaman
Sound Design: Samuel Fitzwater-Butchart
Starring: Henry Anderson, Cole Conrad, Samuel Fitzwater-Butchart, Jenna Eve Kleinofen, Jennifer Sassaman, & Madeleine Sassaman
Produced by: Rebecca Cunningham with Open Door Theatre Company and support by University of Wisconsin Parkside
Theme Song by Eli Denby Wood
Original Artwork by Ana Stretcu
Additional Editing by Chad Chenail

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