A Real Boy by Rae Mariah MacCarthy

A Real Boy by Rae Mariah MacCarthy

Geppetto always wanted a child of his own, so when he found a magical talking log, he decided to make his dream come true. He chiseled away and lo and behold, his child came to life! But he got two things wrong. Pinocchio wasn’t a girl and he didn’t want to be made of wood. Run along with Pinocchio as he sings for an adoring audience, celebrates his birthday everyday on Toyland, leads an army of kid donkeys, gets sucked into the belly of an enormous whale, and with the help of his friend Blue Fairy, discovers the love he and his Dad share. Based on the Italian children’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, this story of a transgender boy will be sure to warm your heart.

by Rae Mariah MacCarthy
Starring: Lexie Bean, Joseph Cordaro, Jean Goto, and Dréya St. Clair
Executive Producer, Host, and Director: Rebecca Cunningham
Producer: Chad Chenail
Original Music and Theme Song: Eli Denby Wood
Artwork: Ana Stretcu

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