Little Lina by Kimberly Belflower

Little Lina by Kimberly Belflower

Lina wants to compete in this year’s big sailing contest but her Mama doesn’t think she’s healthy enough or big enough. Lina feels like she’s ready so she decides to go on an adventure of her own. Follow Lina as she soars on the wings of a seagull, dives down deep into the ocean where she befriends all sorts of ocean creatures including an octopus and a mermaid, and finds her way back home to her Mama.

Written by Kimberly Belflower
Adapted from Thumbelina by Hans Christian Andersen
Starring: Amber Dickerson, Erin Hanraty, Jared Loftin, & Amanda Rodhe
Producer: Chad Chenail
Executive Producer, Director, & Host: Rebecca Cunningham
Theme Music: Eli Denby Wood and Amy Gijsbers van Wijk

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