Pan the Pirate by Dani Martineck

Pan the Pirate by Dani Martineck

Aspiring pirate, Pan and their sister Wendy find an old pirate treasure that transforms Pan into Captain Hook on an actual pirate ship in Neverland! Join Pan as they try to convince Captain Hook to make better choices and show the entire pirate crew the right way to be a pirate.

an adaptation of Peter Pan with a non-binary protagonist

Written by Dani Martineck
Starring: Barron Bass, Donnie Cianciotto, Neo Cihi, & Isabella Dawis
Producer: Olivia Gemelli
Producing Assistant: Chad Chenail
Executive Producer & Host: Rebecca Cunningham
Theme Song: Eli Denby Wood & Amy Gijsbers van Wijk
Artwork: Ana Stretcu

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