Something in the Breeze by Juliany Taveras

Something in the Breeze by Juliany Taveras

Jael and their siblings visit the island where their Abuelo lives for the very first time. Abuelo tells the children all about ciguapas, beings that dwell in the forest. When Jael meets Cigi, they realize Abuelo doesn’t exactly have the right idea about ciguapas. Cigi’s really cool and teaches Jael about respecting and honoring everyone.

Written by Juliany Taveras

Starring: Jen Anaya, Robb Moreira, Rad Pereira, and Imani Russell

Produced by Chad Chenail

Executive Produced by Rebecca Cunningham

Original Theme Music by Eli Denby Wood & Amy Gijsbers van Wijk

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