GOOSE GIRLS: Little Miss Tough-It

GOOSE GIRLS: Little Miss Tough-It

Welcome to the new Girl Tales series, Goose Girls! These are not your mama’s nursery rhymes. Mother Goose does own a goose but she’s not the sweet homespun bird in the gingham bonnet. She’s Lucy Honker, a tough-as-hard-boiled-eggs bird with stories under her wing. And you know those girls in the Mother Goose tales? They’re not who you think they are either.

In this episode, Little Miss Tough-It isn’t scared of anything! Except … maybe … spiders. Listen in as Tough-It does everything she can to face her fear.

Written by Judy Katschke
Starring Annie Henk, Samira Sardella, and Chad Chenail
Produced by Tessa Flannery
Musical Production by Adam Payne and Russ Feder
Line Producer: Harry Poster
Executive Producer and Host: Rebecca Cunningham

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