Dorktales Storytime Presents: Alice in Slumberland

Dorktales Storytime Presents: Alice in Slumberland

Here’s a story from our friends over at Dorktales Storytime!

Alice in Slumberland is where Redge and Alice teach the Queen of Hearts a lesson in kindness, cooperation, and good sportsmanship:

Jabberwock This Way is where Alice is experiencing overwhelming feelings of doubt, fear and shame because she’s made a mistake that open the portal to the Jabberwock monster. Her friends remind her that she’s clever, capable and has the power to save Wonderland:

Scriptwriter: Amy Thompson

Editor/Producer: Molly Murphy

Alice: Sabrina Glow

All Other Characters: Jonathan Cormur

Sound Production: Jermaine Hamilton, Hamilton Studio Recordings

Dorktales Theme Song by Molly Murphy

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