A Totally Original Freshwater Story

A Totally Original Freshwater Story


1 Kid
10 Minutes

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  • How is the audio story personalized?
    This story is completely personalized. It is uniquely made for the child based on the things, people, and activities they love and written by one of the Girl Tales writers!
  • What is the story?
    This will be a brand new Freshwater (a magical town in the Catskill mountains) story featuring your child. Their thoughts and ideas will inspire the writer and producer to create a completely original tale that takes place in the magical town of Freshwater.
  • How does this work?
    You choose a date to meet with Rebecca via Zoom. The child can attend the session but if you’d like to keep it a surprise, you can meet up with her and fill her in on all of the details. She’ll ask you questions about the child and she’ll go off and write and produce the story! We’ll email you the .mp3 file and a special letter made out to your child from Rebecca and the Girl Tales team when it’s ready.
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